About Us:

The Neuro-Developmental Center was formed in 1980 to provide a private practice alternative for children needing comprehensive developmental evaluations and treatment.
    • NDC provides individualized and interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment of a wide range       of learning and developmental needs.
    • The specialists at NDC hold advanced degrees, training, and licenses in the fields of clinical       psychology, developmental neuropsychology,occupational therapy, physical therapy, and       speech/language pathology.
    • We also offer specialized tutoring services for children with academic weaknesses,       particularly reading, writing, math, and organizational skills.

Professionals at NDC maintain their own individual practices; however we have the ability to develop multi-disciplinary evaluation and/or treatment programs to meet the needs of children with complex diagnoses.
    • This includes children with autistic spectrum disorder, as well as children with other medical       or neurological disorders that impact development.
    • In addition, a large proportion of our services are directed towards the needs of more       typically developing children with specific learning or developmental challenges, including       dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit disorder, giftedness, and other       specific learning disabilities.
    • Psychotherapy, parenting support, and counseling services are available for children       experiencing emotional/behavioral, anxiety, frustration and depression, or who are       experiencing stress due to life changes such as divorce in the family.

All kids are different-We help them all shine!


The Neuro Developmental Center exists only as an office sharing arrangement for the convenience of clients who seek diverse clinical services in one location. NDC is not a group practice or partnership. The practitioners do not supervise each other and have no responsibility for each others practices, employees or renters or for any other professional who rents space at NDC. Each person operates separately, legally and for tax purposes, without direction from any other person, and is subject to the ethical standards and practices of his or her own respective profession.

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